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JavHub – Sex With Hot Japanese Girls Koto Shizuku, Yume Mizuki On Friday May 29 2020


Koto Shizuku is a kinky girl with a perfect body. Nothing makes her happier than trying new things. Sometimes she likes to bring sex into other parts of her life. She’s never said no to taking a stiff cock inside her while she’s practicing her dance moves and stretches. She’s also always happy to invite other friends over to share their sex with her. She’s never surprised when she finds herself right in the middle of a group sex session that leaves her sticky and sweating on the floor. As long as it feels good, she’s going to try it.
Yume Mizuki knew she was in for an interesting night when she got invited over to her friend’s house. He said he was having company over and wanted her to meet him. She had no idea that meeting him meant taking his cock into her asshole. She ended up bent over with one dick in her ass and the other dick in her mouth. She took the loads from both ends at the same time and loved the way it made her feel. Now she’s an anal sex fiend and she never says no when someone invites her to meet their friends.

Date: February 19, 2022

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